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Poem inspired by the Women’s March

“The Rights of Women”

In some places sexual assault is considered a misdemeanor

Meaning that the guilty could walk away free

And no one will even think twice about her

No matter the violation of humans rights that belong to she
In some places girls can’t even walk to school without getting beaten

And to some of us school is a something we don’t want to even place our feet in

Women are constantly in danger and being attacked

it looks like nothing’s going to change it’s pretty much a fact
It’s a battle that’s been going on for hundreds of years

And it has stolen our ancestors’ blood sweat and tears

This fight might as well be tossed into the trash

as there seems to be little hope that anything’s going to change in a flash
Sure women are now able to work just like men

but what does that mean if we still can’t have the same respect as them

To see the rights of women being respected is as rare as seeing women take authority

it’s no wonder we are still considered a minority
It is a woman’s right to live any way she believes

anyway she wants

to all the types of abuse a woman receives

This is a response
Women aren’t here to make your lives more serene

we’re not here to cook or clean

We’re not here so people can control our life

just like we aren’t here to be someone’s wife
women are here to take a stand

and to make the world grand

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