Milken Community High School

Long Beach’s Stroll and Savor

Throughout the summer, there are many events that take place on 2nd Street along Belmont Shore in Long Beach.

One of the favorites is the monthly Stroll and Savor. During this event, restaurants all down 2nd street serve food in exchange for tickets. These tickets can be purchased at $10 for 12 tickets.

There are a variety of foods presented, including Italian food from La Strada’s, Lebanese food from Magic Lamp, Natraj Cruise of India, George’s Greek Café, Taco Surf, ice cream from Paradis, French food from La Creperie Café, and Frosted Cupcakes. This popular event shows the different cultures in which thrive in Long Beach.

Not only does this event have lots of great food, but it also hosts local bands performing up and down the street.

At every Stroll and Savor, 2nd Street is packed with people who come out to have a good time with food and music.

The first Stroll and Savor of the season took place from May 11-12, and it was a huge success. If you didn’t get a chance to go, the rest of the 2016 Stroll and Savor dates are June 22-23, July 20-21, and August 17-18 from 5:30 p.m.-9 p.m.

Stroll and Savor on 2nd Street along Belmont Shore in Long Beach is the place to eat and rock out!

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