(Photo by Connor Layden)
Mira Costa High School

Teens of LA: Mira Costa High School

“This month I was finally able to start this organization that I’ve been trying very hard to create for a while now. It’s called Wish Forward and I’m really excited because it’s been approved to launch by Make a Wish. Wish Forward is a group of Wish kids and their families who support other children’s wishes through volunteer activities and donations. So basically, it’s former Wish kids and their parents who want to pay it forward. They can help advocate for Make a Wish. I’ll be speaking at a conference in San Diego in front of hundreds of independent travel agencies in hope that additional agencies step forward to join the effort. I’ve contacted the Los Angeles region of Make a Wish to talk about launching Wish Forward through the region. My goal is for Wish Forward to be a nationally recognized organization like Make a Wish.”


“But what I’m worried about most right now is finishing second semester with all As… I’m so close.”


-Adam Enemoto is a junior at Mira Costa High School.