Mira Costa High School

Review: Amigos Tacos has the greatest breakfast burrito

It’s a bold claim to precede a food item with the word “famous”, but at Mira Costa High School, the “Famous Super Breakfast Burrito” from Amigos Tacos is the Holy Grail of the local cuisine.

I could expand this article, talking about the delicious tacos, savory carne asada burritos, and cheesy, fully-loaded nachos, but the Costa students wouldn’t want that. No. The majority go to Amigos for one thing and one thing only – the greatest breakfast burrito in town.

The Famous Super Breakfast Burrito is the granddaddy of all breakfast (and lunch and dinner) eats, loaded with three eggs, hash browns, cheese, bacon, sausage, ham, and delectable salsa. Coming in at $8.59, the price might scare some off at first, however, after they’ve had their first taste, they realize that the steep cost is worth a life-changing experience. Plus, Amigos has claimed their fame in the Costa community, offering a 20% discount to any students who show their ID cards at the register.

The small restaurant itself isn’t the most peaceful place to study or most enjoyable to look at, but aesthetics don’t matter when your taste buds are finding extreme euphoria with every next bite into the breakfast burrito. If the sheer size is too much for you to finish off in one sitting, no worries at all. Just package it up, bring it home, and reheat it up for a perfect anytime snack.

Some Mustangs are so enthusiastic about this product that they come in every day to see if today’s breakfast burrito will top their last one. Juniors Nash Hale and Zane Crandall took that Amigos pride one step further, creating an Instagram account called @dailybreaky which features solely pictures of and captions pertaining to Amigos’ breakfast burritos.

Needless to say, Amigos Tacos is the central local restaurant of Mira Costa High School. And that “Famous” title? Well-deserved.