Mira Costa High School

Brockman Gallery archived through Art+Practice program

Dale Brockman Davis is a prominent African-American artist, activist, and educator based out of Los Angeles. Born in Tuskegee, Alabama in 1945, Davis moved to Los Angeles in 1956, where he began pursuing art and attending the University of Southern California. Working out of Leimert Park and the areas surrounding it, Davis started the Brockman gallery in 1967 with his brother, Alonzo. After managing the gallery for over 20 years, he became a high school teacher, and he continued teaching for 35 more years.

Currently, Davis is one of the first Artists in Residence in partnership with Art + Practice, a program which helps teach and socially educate foster youth, as well as relay to them the importance of art and culture. He is working on the Brockman Archive Project, which focuses the organization and display of the over 20,000 artifacts that were showcased in the Brockman Gallery over its 22-year existence. His Art+Practice exhibit opens at the Brockman Gallery on July 11, and will feature the completed archive.