Mira Costa High School

Costapalooza 2015

On May 16, the Mira Costa alumni association hosted its first ever Costapalooza, an event at the Lighthouse bar in Hermosa Beach featuring performances from Costa alumni artists. Kira Lingman, Connor Caine and Chloe Caroline were the first stars in this premier event.

With each graduated Mustang bringing a different genre of music to the table, the small music festival drew a large gathering, and allowed the Mira Costa alumni association to both help give back to Mira Costa High School and showcase the talent of former Costa students. With such a successful first Costapalooza, the alumni association will look to make this event a yearly tradition.

“[Going to] Mira Costa was a great experience for me, and it’s awesome to be able to give back to the other students that are going there now,” said Caroline.

See below for Connor Caine’s full uncut performance.