Mira Costa High School

Humans of Mira Costa: A female wrestler with a passion for heels

I would describe my style as very diverse. I started dressing like this in 7th grade and it kind of became my thing then I started getting noticed for it so I stuck with it. Sometimes I dress like a slob, like a normal teenager, other days I’m like that’s not enough. But it really all comes down to how I feel that day. It’s kind of like I have two totally different personalities. Because some days I just literally bum out to school and other days I’m like I wanna look super pretty or nice. I mostly do it for myself. But I’m a teenager. I mean I still have moments where I want to fit in, where I wanna look good, and look somewhat appealing. Other than that I really don’t care. People always wonder how I walk in heels all the time and it’s actually not hard because my calves are really strong from walking in them  and I’ve built endurance from it. As a wrestler, I bring fashion into sports as well. I think, in one year, I had eight different pairs of wrestling shoes. And all of their laces were pink and I would put like beads on the laces and string them through. I even made myself my own singlet with my name on it and everything.

-Kelly Sidney, Junior. 

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