Mira Costa High School

Humans of Mira Costa: Oia Walker-van Aalst

“I’ve been with girls on the street before and we’ve gotten that ‘oh you guys are lesbians’ or whatever. I think my sexuality doesn’t fit into any labels that are readily available which is why generally I identify as pansexual just because it’s easy. I mean, I’m not abusing that label I really agree with it, but I’d rather not be labeled at all. What it is is like it’s one of… it’s another divisor of our society, you know it’s something else that divides us and it shouldn’t. I think what I think about sexuality is that people are beautiful and whoever you appreciate, that’s awesome. When I’m with a girl I’m not thinking like ‘oh this is defined as gay’ you know, I’m thinking ’oh, this is what’s happening at this moment.’ And I think that next step where you re-analyze it in the lens of society is kind of the step that I’d like to eliminate. Like why the hell would I need to put a label on that? As long as it’s consensual and positive it’s good.”

– Oia Walker -van Aalst, Senior.

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