Mira Costa High School

Humans of Mira Costa: Sam Sturges


“Umm, I look at my life as drinking milk straight from the carton, because when you see somebody doing it you think ‘Wow, that guy’s a complete a-hole for doing that, like, how inconsiderate.’ However with my situation, with me personally, people don’t understand that the rest of my family is Lactose intolerant. So I’m doing that to avoid pouring it in a glass and waste so I’m doing that to not pour it in a glass and waste water and to not waste the limited resources that we have in California. Because I care. So people will judge me on my actions and not understand the purpose of me doing them. Like the reason why I’m wearing this hat is because I don’t wanna get sunburned because I knew it was gonna be hot today; not because I wanted to look like a douche. But people don’t understand that. They think ‘Oh, Sam, so why’s your hat backwards?’… Because I don’t want to get sunburned, that’s why. So it’s just more like a constant misunderstanding. “

-Sam Sturges, Senior.

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