Mira Costa High School

Justus Tavai — a chip off the football block

There are three others in front of him. JR, Jahlani and Jordan. There are two after him. Jonah and Jagger. They are known as “The Tavais.” If you ask the head football coach at Mira Costa High School, he will recall moments with all of these men, even moments going back to CIF Championships. Football has been a huge part of each of their lives. They have played in NCAA Division 1, and now the NFL.

From the outside, the crowd merely sees an impressive football player. But on the inside of Justus Tavai, there is a lot more than that. There is passion, there is love, there is family and there is a Samoan heritage. Within that heritage and within the family spring the roots of success.

With Justus as a senior and Jonah a sophomore, the line of Tavai’s is soon coming to an end. But even as this ends, their legacy will remain at Mira Costa, the NCAA, and soon, the NFL.