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Aspiring filmmaker Max Tullio went from paint to production

In the 7th grade, he decided that he wanted to be a filmmaker. Like most jovial hobbies, his family and acquaintances thought it would pass over as a phase; it never did. Now, after having been named a California States Arts Scholar for Film and the Mira Costa High School Video Production Student of the Year, senior Max Tullio is still pursuing his passion in the cinematic arts, seeing the world around him through a lens.

He can talk for hours on end about his inspirations or favorite movies, film techniques and genres; but one can so easily feel his message through his surrealist experimental pieces, which have always paralleled his evolution as a filmmaker. Yet, he doesn’t stop there, conveying his emotions and views of the world through various artistic mediums such as painting and film photography.

Tullio hopes to keep building upon his creative prowess, expanding his art beyond his realm of comfort and exploring new areas of experimentation. He is currently committed to study cinema at Sarah Lawrence College — an experience that can only further his artistic career.

-Jimmy Shaw and Connor Layden

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