Mira Costa High School

Meadows Elementary: The Alumni


During this time in the academic year, students across Southern California are graduating from their respective high schools. It is a time of unrestricted jubilance and serious reflection. Who and what do high school graduates credit their success toward?

There’s a multitude of possible answers. The development and growth offered by elementary schools is undoubtedly one of them. From a very young age, children are guided by the academic and character shaping that elementary schools pride themselves with.

Mira Costa High’s class of 2015 will be graduating within a couple of weeks. The Parent Teacher Assn. of the Manhattan Beach Unified School District felt the need to show the future students of Meadows Elementary what their school can prepare them for. The local Meadows Elementary invited past students, now graduating from schools like Mira Costa and Orange County School of the Arts, to come visit Meadows and share some of their memories, experiences, and advice.

– Connor Layden and Jimmy Shaw