Mira Costa High School

Mira Costa GoPro sports

Have you ever experienced the freeze-frame of breathless suspension as you fly inches above a pole vault bar 12 feet in the air? How about the grit of lacrosse, fending off the ever-ominous defender’s stick whipping relentlessly against your pads in order to get a shot on goal? Or the concentration of catching a football, following the ball into your hands, and ignoring the chaos around you?

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been strapping a GoPro onto some of Costa’s most renowned athletes to give you, the viewer, the first-person perspective of how these sports are really played. Watching from the sidelines is one thing, but to actually experience it yourself is a whole new world.

These are sports through the eyes of the athletes; the truest perspective of a sport one can get.


– Jimmy Shaw and Diego Marcucci