Mira Costa High School

Perks of Spotify

In today’s society, it is rare that someone goes to the store and buys an actual CD. Nearly everybody uses some sort of music streaming app or music downloading site to access their music.

One of the popular streaming services at the moment is Spotify. Spotify is available for download on products ranging from iPhones and Androids to the Samsung Smart TV. Spotify grants users access to a variety of music and playlists of all different genres. If a user creates their own playlist they also have the ability to share it with others which can help expose other users to new music. Users can either stream music for free with some restrictions or have full freedom if they choose to pay a monthly fee for the “premium” status.

The ability to stream music for free is especially nice for people who are not in the mood to pay one dollar for a single song through sites such as iTunes. However, the restrictions for a free account can become annoying.

I made a free Spotify account and it was nice for a while until the restrictions began to take away from so many of the features on Spotify that I wanted access to. For one, you do not have the ability to listen to any track, which is the main reason I decided to upgrade to a premium account. Not having the ability to listen to the specific song that you want to hear is frustrating. I would create playlists and when I would listen to them I would have to be patient and wait for the songs I like to come on. However, you do have the ability to skip songs, but with a free account your skips are limited.

Another feature that a free account does not come with is the ability to listen to your music offline. This feature works well if you are going to be somewhere where you would like to listen to music, but will not have cell service. I first tested out the offline feature this past summer while I was travelling. Before I got on the airplane I made sure to download my favorite playlists so that I could listen to them while my Spotify was offline. While I was on the airplane I had no trouble listening to the songs from the downloaded playlist.

One catch to having a free account is, in between every few songs an ad will play, which is not that big of a deal, but it does cut into your music time.

With the premium account I have no complaints. I am able to listen to music whenever and wherever I want. The premium account is ad free, has unlimited skips, shuffle play, you can listen offline, and you can play any track you would like. All of the perks that come with the premium account are worth the $9.99 you pay per month. With the amount of music I listen to and the number of songs on my playlists, I could have easily spent a few hundred dollars, but since I use Spotify I am able to save my money and listen to as many songs as I’d like.

For the longest time I was a loyal iTunes user, constantly buying single songs for $1.29 and albums for $15. Now with Spotify I can listen to all the same music without breaking the bank. The one setback is that certain artists, such as Taylor Swift, do not have their music available on Spotify. However, the fact that a few artists and songs are not available on Spotify does not alter my opinion of the quality of the streaming service.