Mira Costa High School

Pole vault: Over the Crossbar

As the pole vaulting team grows, so does their talent; they have come to be recognized as one of the best programs in Los Angeles. Trained by coach Murray Mead and led by senior Javan Nuzzolo, the team is an all-around powerhouse, working endlessly to reach new heights.

“There are a lot of great vaulters out there,” said Mead. “But when most teams come out here, they’re in awe of our abilities.”

Having been a vaulter his whole life, Mead has done everything he can to introduce the action-packed sport of pole-facilitated momentary flying to as many new Costa faces as he can, and to great avail. The team this year features three wrestlers, former gymnasts, a former football player, and a decathlete; an athletically-tuned recipe of success. And so far this season, success is all they have been able to find.