Mira Costa High School

Soul On Tap


Originally a trio consisting of singer Jane Fishman, guitarist Noah Viklund and pianist Jon Sullivan, Manhattan beach cover band “Soul on Tap” continues to produce groovy music even with the recent loss of Sullivan as he heads off to college at Berklee School of Music.

Mira Costa junior, Fishman, and Vistamar senior, Viklund, have been preforming together for six years in a plethora of bands. Fishman started performing and playing piano to follow in her brothers footsteps.

“I decided I wanted to sing because it was fun and it just started being that I couldn’t do anything else, so music was really the only thing I could do. So I just stuck with it and its been good, its been fun,” said Fisherman.

Now this new dynamic duo will continue to pursue their passion in music and they can’t wait to see where it will take them.

Noah Viklund, Jane Fishman, Jon Sullivan