Mira Costa High School

Team Heideman: Keep Calm and Fight On

In 2011, beloved Mira Costa English teacher John Heideman was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Recently, his conditions have worsened, as he is now fighting metastatic cancer of the bones and tumors in his liver.

After the amazing 39 years Heideman has taught at Mira Costa, the students wanted to give back and show their appreciation for his life changing presence on campus. Seniors Noelle Thomas, Luke Jelmini and Dillon Patel organized a surprise event for Heideman, printing out T-shirts with the phrase “Keep Calm and Fight On” written on them.

The surprise was a success, as Heideman exited his classroom at lunch to find hundreds of students and faculty members waiting for him, all sporting Team Heideman T-shirts. As he made his way under the youth soccer-esque tunnel of love and towards the stage, his family members and close friends were there waiting for him, hugging and embracing him with tear-filled eyes.

After several speeches by those who know him well, Heideman took center stage, delivering one of the many powerful and inspirational speeches that had earned him the hearts of many Mustangs. His optimism radiated through the morose subjects just as they always had, finding the silver lining in even the darkest of clouds.

Thank you, Mr. Heideman, for 39 amazing years at Mira Costa.

– Jimmy Shaw, Connor Layden and Mira Laing


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