Mira Costa High School

Technology makes an impact in schools

  As technology continues to advance, our society’s reliance on technology increases. Many schools have implemented multiple forms of technology into the classrooms whether it be iPads in the classroom or an app for the school.

  At Mira Costa High, many teachers have created their own websites for their class, we use an app called PowerSchool for our grades, teachers sometimes use websites such as Edmodo, certain electives like La Vista have their own website to upload content, most English teachers ask students to submit their papers on Turnitin, and students use Google Docs.

  As the use of technology for school becomes more popular, it is imporant to consider the pros and cons of its usage.

  I asked a senior, Annie Walsh, to share her opinions on the matter.

What is your overall opinion on technology being implemented into the classrooms?

I like it because it is easier and faster which allows for students to be able to access information faster. It also makes it easier if you are absent because then you can go online and get all of the documents you missed.

Do you think that a lot of students heavily rely on technology for school work? Why or why not?

A lot of students do rely on technology. It is easier to look at a bunch of sources by searching it online because technology is more readily available than books that we may need for a certain subject.

Do you believe students abuse technology?

Students abuse technology because it is so much easier to find something online so we end up taking short cuts instead of finding it on our own. Especially when it comes to homework.

What are some negative aspects of using technology for school purposes?

When technology fails we have no way of accessing or doing our assignments. Also, not everyone has the same access to technology and it debilitates their ability to do the work. If someone does not have the same access to technology they won’t get the same amount of information as those who have the ability to look up the information.

What are some positive aspects of using technology for school purposes?

There are a lot of helpful study tools online like Khan Academy and Quizlet. Also, having things like Edmodo or class websites helps keep you up to date on what is happening in class.

How do you like using Powerschool for your grades?

I like using Powerschool, but I feel like all teachers should be required to post grades periodically so their students have an idea of what they can do to improve their grades. I have teachers who do not regularly update it and it is really frustrating when I do not know my current grade, especially going into finals and midterms.

Do you think students should be required to have either a smartphone, laptop, or tablet to do work?

No, I think it should be optional because some students learn better by doing things with pencil and paper. I would rather write down a homework assignment then type it out. Also, unless the school is providing it for the students, not everyone has the money to purchase a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.