Mira Costa High School

Humans of Mira Costa: Eric Furth


HS Insider: “If you could have one thing in your life, what would you have?”

“Better grades. Well, to simplify that, a better work ethic.”

HSI: “Why do you feel that you don’t have a good work ethic?”

“I just get distracted way too easily, and I feel like I’m working for people other than myself. I’m not enjoying school as much as I should, or I’m not enjoying it for the right reasons at this point in time. I don’t feel like I’m super happy with what I’m doing.

HSI: “What would be the right reasons to enjoy school?”

“Well, if you know that you like something, and you take classes that don’t respond to that, like just bundling yourself with APs all the time, I think that can make it a lot harder to find happiness in school”

– Eric Furth, Junior

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