Mira Costa High School

Column: The Horseshoe — maternal advice

Altercations between associations occur on a daily basis; player unions vs. team owners, teacher unions vs. school districts, and it even dates back to the 1880s when the American working class began to realize that fair work treatment was something that needed to be brought into light. From this arose the well-known fights between unions and major corporations.

The unique thing about every single altercation is that one side, or in most cases both sides, use leverage against the opposing side in order to “win” the argument, and in return receive what they want. Using leverage is known to be the key to winning an argument and is something that both sides of the spectrum dig deep to find. Some may not realize, but digging to strike this gold affects bystanders, and bystanders don’t take lightly to harm.

Throughout the years, students of Mira Costa have been the gold that’s been searched for, and the teachers union have been the “forty-niners.” Money. Money is the sole reason for months and months of tension between teachers and the district, and when both sides aren’t happy with the way money is flowing, teachers begin to bring students into the argument.

No more letters of recommendation for seniors. No more help outside of the mandated class time. These are the tactics that the teachers have used to stockpile complaints onto the district, and lead them to victory. That is something that should not be done. A school by definition is “an institution for educating children,” not a place where you have to complain to a district in order to receive what you have worked for because an argument isn’t going the way teachers want.

When I was young my mom always told me to stay out of adult conversations, and I did, because I was taught that it was none of my business. Why is it that students now are forced to be involved in these adult conversations between the teachers and the districts, when they could be minding their own business and focusing more on achieving a better education? Students have been unnecessarily thrown into the mix; we have become pieces in much bigger game of chess, which is somehow forgetting to take those wanting to learn and develop into consideration.

A leverage is needed as stated earlier, but is this leverage really helping them achieve success? Or is it doing more harm to the student body? Is it taking away our opportunities as young adults to prepare for the rest of our lives?

A new case recently arose in which my opinion on student involvement with the adult disagreements was further exemplified. A second year teacher, who is a favorite of many students, was told by the school district that it would be his last year teaching at the school. In an array of shock, many students willingly took their strong opinion to the board and argued for this teacher, involving over 300 people through a social media group. Students rightfully fought for what they believed in, but it reached a level where it affected their learning, as this instance began consuming their school hours with fearful prospects of the future. This is something that needs to be avoided. The business between a district’s professional decision and the teachers should solely be kept between them; none of the arguments on a higher level should bring the students of Mira Costa down with them.

Mira Costa should be a place to learn, not a place to witness adults and professionals acting even more immaturely than the high school students. So from a student to the higher level, please take these words of wisdom from my mom: take responsibility for your actions, and deal with your problems yourselves.