Opinion: ‘Eggstatic’ — The world needed a leader and the World Record Egg answered

The World Record Egg made history, receiving over 52 million likes and beating Kylie Jenner's 18 million likes to become the most liked post on Instagram.
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Jacob Schwarz

February 21, 2019

The social media age that we live in is run on innovation and creativity, and the egg is the pinnacle of this innovation. Although simplistic, The World Record Egg is the purest form of this aforementioned innovation and creativity and it took the world by storm and captured the attention of millions upon millions of people.

Let’s start from the beginning, where this story begins. On Jan. 4, one innovative Instagram user, who is still unknown, made an account with the handle @world_record_egg. This account posted the goal of the account in the bio of this Instagram page. The goal of the page states, “Can we make this post the most liked post on Instagram, beating Kylie Jenner’s record of 18 million?”

The account was simple, and all that it originally contained was a simple picture of an egg with other brown shell covering the beautiful egg interior. This account was made to be very satirical because it truly does not contain much substance to it, just the sole picture of a boring egg.

However, the fact that it was so simplistic and simple minded attracted people, as many thought it would be comical to make a bland picture of an egg the most liked post on Instagram.

People on Instagram began to continually share this Instagram post so that others could also see it, like it, then share it. As this cycle continued, the amount of likes on this simple egg began to grow exponentially and was able to surpass Kylie Jenner’s previously most liked post in under 10 days, on Jan. 13.

There is no doubt that the people of our generation who grow up to be math teachers will use the egg to explain exponential growth. This is just one of the many things that the egg did for our generation of current teens.

The egg became famous and most of the Instagram community was involved in liking this egg. The Instagram community has never been so united over a topic and the egg provided comfort and renewed saneness within a community that has needed this for so long.

The egg currently has 53 million likes on Instagram and it is highly unlikely that any Instagram post will ever surpass it, well at least in the near future. The egg also started to sell merchandise, with funny shirts that were captioned “I liked the egg” at a reasonable price of $20 a shirt.

However, the egg did not stop here. It used the new 10 million followers that it had gained from their famous egg post to do good for this world. It has now posted things to advocate for mental health.

The page now has a website (talkingegg.info.com) which advocates and helps people that struggle from mental health disorders to reach out. It has done this by listing websites and call/text hotlines from each country in the world so that people all over the world are able to see this and receive the help that they need with mental health issues that they are dealing with.

This world record egg account started with an idea so comical that it is hard to believe that it has evolved into something so great and beneficial. This account has used its fame to help us all and shows us how easy it is to start something huge.

From something that started as nothing, the egg became huge almost overnight. It is another reminder to us as a society that we as individuals can use the medium of social media to do something great.