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Review: Indie artist Austin Weber releases demo ‘I’ll Be Fine’ with a psychedelic twist

Multi-hyphenate artist Austin Weber released new demo “I’ll Be Fine” and has another EP slated for release on May 1. (Photo courtesy of Austin Weber)

Indie singer-songwriter Austin Weber does it all as a multi-hyphenate artist. The Harvard College alumnus has released two albums, directs and helps produce his own music videos, and worked on the film “Some Kind of Heaven,” which premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival.

This time around, Weber is releasing the demos to his 2019 album “Love Songs For No One,” beginning with the single “I’ll Be Fine.” The song opens with a moody electric guitar riff over distant, spacey drums, setting a reflective tone. Warm and comforting synth pads blanket the instrumental, illustrating the conflicting emotions Weber portrays. An oscillating synth comes in as the guitar fades, putting the singer’s vocals in the spotlight.

Weber’s lyrics discuss his indifference toward unfavorable circumstances — “Personal paradoxes, little mind-games played with yourself,” he said in an email. He attempts to find satisfaction by himself but can’t suppress his longing for a partner. His apathy leads to a twisted sense of optimism as he sings “I’ll be fine.”

Unlike the demo, the official version of “I’ll Be Fine” feels grounded, filled with live drums and bass along with an electric guitar solo. The airiness of the demo leads to a more psychedelic sound, helping the listener fall deeper into Weber’s thoughts as the track continues. 

In addition to rolling out his upcoming EP “Demos For No One,” Weber has began the “Austin Weber and Friends! Work from Home Impossible Social Distancing World Tour,” where he performs live to cities across the globe through YouTube livestreams. 

“I’ll Be Fine” is available now for streaming here. “Demos For No One” is slated to release on May 1.

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