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My message: Give my college dreams a hope

Dear future president,

Extending your education beyond high school is extremely crucial if you’re looking to dwell in a certain field of work. In America, and typically any other country that has colleges, people cannot afford to attend top-notch colleges due to the everlasting rising tuition prices. From the years 1975 to 2015, tuition has shot up through the roof by a whopping approximation of $22,300, according to College Board. It would be highly appreciated by you, the president, to lower these tuition costs to something more affordable for the middle and lower class. People of the middle and lower class can’t simply afford to live the rest of their lives in debt because they want to make a better future for themselves.

The years after high school are crucial to your future because it’s up to the individual to choose whether or not to make the choice to attend a four-year university. Studies show that only a mere 69% of young adolescents like us, that’ll soon decide how the choice of a president will shape their world, enrolled in college later that fall after graduation year, according to the New York Times. It would seem so due to the tuition. The fact that colleges look at our SAT scores decides whether or not we are accepted into the college of our choice, but when we look at the tuition costs, it burns a hole in our pocket leaving us with debt and student loans.

I know some middle and lower class individuals and their parents who can not afford to pay for their tuition, no matter how much they are willing to help. About two-thirds of college graduates leave school with loans, and mhlearningsolutions.com states that the average four-year college student leaves with relatively $20,000 in debt.

So why is it that I’m asking you, the president, to lower tuition? Merely because our youth hopes to extend our education beyond high school, so we can have more opportunities career wise.

There are not a lot of jobs you can get without a college degree, and believe us when we say, we don’t want to make a living off of flipping burgers. Some of us want families and to provide the best for our offspring. With want to ensure that that offspring maintain good grades and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

Our generation needs to be the ones to encourage and hopefully empower the newer generation to come, to withstand a 3.0 GPA and to study hard because the road will be a long one, but it will be worth it in the long run.


Julian Miller

New Media Academy at Hollywood High School

Los Angeles, Calif.

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