New Media Academy at Hollywood High School

My message: Give us nutritious school food

Dear future president,

In a mini school called Hollywood High School, a bunch of inner city kids wake up in the morning and are not able to eat breakfast at home. As a result, they come to school looking forward to breakfast in the classroom. They find cheese, milk, and burned pizza bagels. They become aware of the bad smell of rotten cheese and milk. They notice the cheese has expired, smells horrible, and in tiny pieces. The milk has spoiled.

Most students verify their meal before they consume it, but some people do not. The ones that do verify, see that the cheese is not edible and has been expired. I am that student that has noticed and looks forward to coming and eating. I ask “Is the school poor or do we have financial issues? Is there not enough money while we have decayed cheese and milk?”

Donald Trump is planning to add a wall that has already become sufficient. He is wasting about $8 to $12 billion on this wall which is being created just to add another wall and for it to be more secure. In the other hand, the average school receives about 40 cents per meal which includes breakfast and lunch. It is crazy to find out how much schools only get, but the fact that he can not provide a decent meal for schools yet build a wall just to keep immigrants away is not necessary.

Trump stated to the people of America that he will build a wall that separates the United States from Mexico. “I will build a great wall. No one builds walls better than me believe me, and I will build them very expensively. I will build them a great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall,” he said (Imgur).

If he can give so much attention to a wall more than school, I do not know how he will be successful. Students need to eat and get their nutrition before they go and do work because some kids do not get food at their house. Kids run everyday and do sports and to either be active or for fun, a kid have to absorb a certain amount of food and water because if they do not then they can have problems. Such as strokes, heart attacks, low blood pressure, and more. The wall is about 1,900 miles (3,100km) which is not even close to the average a kid walks or runs a week.

So, whomever is this next president please try to think of the students first before you go out and spend billions of dollars on some dumb wall that just keeps away immigrants. We only get a little money for food, so why not just give us a couple of thousands? It won’t hurt to do that because knowing you spending so much money on a wall why not just give a little to us? So just think of education and not other, useless items.


Christian Cruz

New Media Academy at Hollywood High School

Los Angeles, Calif.