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My message: Let’s actually make America great again

Azra 100%

Dear future president,

Is the U.S. really the land of the free? Where there is no discrimination and everyone is equal? Ever since I was born, immigration was always a major problem. Everyone and everywhere in the U.S never agreed on immigrants being here. Why? Because they think immigrants are the ones killing people and selling drugs.

Is it only them? Immigration and immigrants are just words that really mean not wanted. Immigrants are just like citizens who deserve the opportunity to stay in this country and make a change. They work hard, follow the law, and they help the country by paying taxes. Why kick them out?

Many believe that undocumented people don’t deserve to be in this country if they weren’t born here, so that’s why there is something called deportation. Do you really think that deporting people will actually help this country? If you think about it, it just makes it worse. According to Professor M. Brinton from the Boston College Center for human Rights and International Justice, more than 400,000 people are deported each year, and one deportation costs $10,070. Not to mention children that are held in INS detention centers.

The INS detention centers is a detention at the border, where judges have to decide whether they could stay in the U.S or they have to go back to their country. There are people including children who have to stay up to two years at the detention centers. Imagine how much money you have to spend in that? The country has to give money for the food, water, blankets, clothing, gas, and many more to come. We’re losing money for nothing. Does it really matter?

There was once an 8-year-old girl who loved spending time with her family. Every day she would do her homework and spend the afternoon with them. One day the little girl got picked up by her aunt, and she was confused. When she got home she felt nothing but loneliness and fright, her parents had been taken.

She had to grow up with her aunt but the love wasn’t the same. Nineteen years past by and she finally saw her parents, but her future wasn’t bright. The sadness got to her really bad after they left that she started to get bad grades, and couldn’t get in a college. This was my cousin.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, why should we let immigrants stay? If you think about it, immigrants do everything a citizen does. First, they work as hard as citizens to keep their family well and healthy. Second, they pay taxes and give money to the government although they’re immigrants, and they accept their money. Third, some underage immigrants actually want to learn. They value their education and I assure you they could become great people if you give them the chance. Finally, immigrants should not be deported because of their families. Some Immigrants have children here who need the love of their parents or even a family member. Everyone deserves to be with the ones they love and have much care for.

This being said, I am here writing you future president of the U.S. this letter to stop deportation and give some rights for undocumented people. Deportation is such a waste of money. All that money that goes to deportation can be used for schools, homeless, or even public places to be well-kept.

Let’s stop deportation together. Let’s start all over as the “Family” we are and avoid having families separated, and kids not having a nice, lovable childhood with their parents or other family members. Let’s actually make America great again. Are you in?


Seily Rabanales

New Media Academy at Hollywood High School

Los Angeles, Calif.

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