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My message: Make the roads safer for bikers

Dear future president,

According to “’Deadliest States For Cyclists: Per Capita Fatality Rates,’” hundreds of cyclists are killed each year in traffic accidents… Florida recorded an annual average of about 5.7 cyclists deaths per million residents.” I believe the government should build more bike lanes for bicyclist.  Why? The lack of bike lanes leads to the insecurity of the bicyclists while on road and a higher risk of accidents. Therefore, they take the sidewalks, where pedestrians walk and crash with them. More bikes lanes will lower risk of bicyclists injures, especially if they have a helmet. It will also keep pedestrians safe.

The “un-cool” looking a helmet prevents you from getting injuries from cars. If you fall down, your head will be protected, and it protects you from getting a brain injury. Many people have died not wearing a helmet. I argue for more bike lanes.

I, myself, have experienced a sibling death. In the streets, there are many drunk people who do not take precaution of their surroundings or are distracted with texting, etc. But why not wear a helmet? What is the big deal if you look uncool; it’s going to protect your life. You may care less, but you will notice how important it is when you have an accident. I mean, think about it: would you prefer getting your hair messy, looking uncool and being alive or getting your hair messy and dying.

A lack of bike lanes causes the increase of accidents with cars and pedestrians. These lanes help motorists and bicyclists direct routes for travelers for certain needs such as school or work. Most riders have said that they feel life-threatened for their personal safety. Motorists and bicyclists have to share lanes, so imagine the amount of accidents, plus the number of deaths. You might think that this is an informational form just to fill you with information, but this is true. Most cars drivers do not give space to cyclists on the road because of the lack of lanes. This is how accidents happen. To be able to prevent these accidents I suggest bringing more bike lanes, especially to Florida. Florida has the highest average of bicycle accidents.

Therefore, it is important to build more bike lanes to prevent more accidents and injuries for both cars, pedestrians and bicyclists. Consider all the deaths the reason of not having enough bike lanes. Others want action to be taken as well.

“Oh my God,” said Maria Luisa de Jesus Hoover, a local cycling organizer. “If the city doesn’t do anything now, it’s going to be a disaster.”

All pedestrians must have their own space on sidewalks, and bicyclist and cars on the road. Also it is important to wear a helmet for any small or long rides in a bicycle to avoid any brain injuries. These lanes help and prevent accidents. So let’s build some lanes right away!


Viviana Vasquez

Hollywood High School

Los Angeles, Calif.