Newport Harbor High School

A jam-packed adventure to Greece with NHHS

The Library in Ephesus: The Newport Harbor group consisting of students and teachers, came together for a picture at a historical sight built by Romans
The Library in Ephesus: The Newport Harbor group consisting of students and teachers, came together for a picture at a historical sight built by Romans

From the U.S.A to beautiful Greek islands, a small group of Sailors experienced a once in a lifetime adventure far from the halls of their high school campus. What started out as strictly an AP World History field trip turned into an opportunity offered to the whole Social Studies department, where it was open to all students.

On April 3, a group of 30 students flew overnight to Athens to begin their seven-day stay in Greece. Upon arrival, the students had the evening to explore Plaka, where they talked with locals and began to get a feel for the ancient city.

“We were all exhausted from the long day of traveling, but as soon as we got to the hotel we had an excursion to the highest point in Athens. It was absolutely amazing to get out and see the city,’ said senior Sammie Yeager.

The next few days were jammed packed with sight-seeing and special activities that are valued in Greek culture. They learned common forms of dancing and cooking and later went on to ascend the Acropolis to pay a visit to the legendary Parthenon followed by a trip to Mount Lycabettus.

A normal day for the Sailors involved early morning wake up calls, sight-seeing, more sight-seeing, and finally returning to the cruise in which they spent most of their nights sleeping and moving from island to island.

Monday, they spent quality time walking around the beautiful island of Mykonos with big windmills, whitewashed houses, and the jagged shoreline full of coves and grottoes.

The next day they landed in a Turkish town called Kusadasi where they could travel inland to visit Ephesus, an extremely ancient and historically famous city built around 10th century B.C. The group was able to tour the marble roads and buildings, libraries, temples, stadium, theatre, and baths of Ephesus.

“Just being in this crazy, huge city of ruins where only 15% of the place was excavated was amazing and seeing some things that were used thousands of years ago was crazy,” said Librarian and chaperone Mrs. Bourgeois.

Other highlights of the trip included sailing to Rhodes Island and spending the day soaking in the atmosphere and culture of the old city.

Sophomore Kendall Blanchfield said, “My favorite place would for sure have to have been the island of Rhodes because we got a lot of free time to explore the island and get a feel for the Greek culture.”

As they continued bouncing from island to island feverishly touring and snapping pictures, the trip began to wind down. With such a jam-packed schedule the whole week with amazing adventures, this trip exceeded expectations after the previous Greece trip in 2006 had proved to be a lot less exciting and enjoyable

“They had a different travel company back then and they didn’t get to do the excursions like we did. Athens was also on a garbage strike at the time so there was all this garbage piled up on the streets,” said Mrs. Bourgeois.

Despite a rocky past, this year’s Greece trip was deemed a success. After a final day of walking through vineyards and olive groves, they returned back to Athens to prepare for another long day of traveling home.

Although this trip has already come and gone, there will be future trips similar to this one. Social studies will be sending students off to Machu Picchu, Peru next spring break. Some information has been sent out and if more details are needed you can speak with Mrs. Bourgeois in the Library.