Scott Lee is a junior at North Hollywood High School. (Photo courtesy of Scott Lee)
North Hollywood High School Zoo Magnet Center

Message to my next president: Make America feel like home

Dear Mr. President,

Can I call this country my home?

It may sound odd of me to ask for such permission, considering that this is the only home I have ever known, but it is a genuine question. 

When I was young, I was told that this was a country that celebrates its differences. Where our heroes were those that stood up for equality and their legacy was to be found in the very classroom where I learned such stories. That being said, I’ve never doubted those teachings now more than ever.

What I find so comforting about writing rather than meeting in person, is that people have no idea what the person writing to them looks like.

I have a name that conjures up the conception of a person, that I often look completely differently from. So when I do meet people for the first time, a constant in my life has always been that same brief look of shock on their faces. While I may be accustomed to talking with people such as themselves, the same cannot be said for them. 

While relatively a minor challenge in being a minority in this country, it is often the most painful. A constant reminder, that while we may think of ourselves as being part of this country, others don’t share that vision. 

Being the president has its fair share of responsibilities, but above all else, it is to be the leader for the country. We may not look like you, but know that we depend on you just as much as any other citizen in this country.

Lead by example and show to us that our part in this country means something to you. Give us, give me, the confidence to truly call this country our home.



Scott Lee

North Hollywood High School

Los Angeles, Calif.