Notre Dame High School

Film industry professionals attend the Notre Dame High School Film Festival 

Notre Dame High School was graced with the presence of some of Hollywood’s elite.

At the 10th annual NDHS Film Festival, ND film teacher Elisia Harkins-James organized panels with industry professionals in Notre Dame’s lecture hall.

Directors, producers, cinematographers, production designers, special effects artists, and make-up artists were all in attendance to teach the Notre Dame students the tricks of the trade.

The panelists’ credentials include work on Criminal Minds, the CW’s: Arrow, and television mega-hit American Horror Story.

Many questions were asked, and keen insight was offered in return. Students and panelists alike enjoyed the process. After the panel, many students approached the panelists individually to converse.

After the festival, students also reviewed awards for films that they have made in different respective categories.

This event is truly unique, because it is one of the only events of its nature that is free to high school students. Notre Dame is constantly attempting to take the film production program to new heights.

In the video, the whole environment of the panel is captured. Please watch, and feel free to connect with me via Twitter: @LATimesTommy