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Opinion: Why terrorists targeting the German national soccer team is targeting the world

Terrorist attacks and tragedy have riddled the headlines of world news recently.

Most notably, Paris was subjected to multiple attacks on Friday the 13th of November, counting over 128 people dead.

While Paris has received massive support from the media and sympathizers worldwide, many believe that victims of other recent attacks haven’t received the attention they deserve.

While Lebanon and Japan suffered from tragedies as well and seem forgotten, I would like to draw attention to the dangerous situation mounting against the German national soccer team (Deutscher Fußball-Bund).

The reigning World Cup champions seem to be a large target of terroristic groups within the past few days.

The night before their International Friendly match with Les Bleus of France, Die Nattionalmannschaft (the National team), was forced to evacuate the Molitor hotel after a bomb threat.

A day later, the tragedy of the Friday the 13th attacks hit Paris. Germany was playing France in a highly anticipated rematch from 2014’s FIFA World Cup match-up, which saw Germany beat France, 1-0. The rematch drew the team’s even as France claimed a 2-0 win over the Germans. During the game, the players became rattled as explosions boomed directly outside of the stadium. Many sources report that terrorists tried to get into the Stade de France, but were stopped.

The French and Germans were not allowed to leave the stadium until 3 a.m. The teams stayed together in their dressing rooms until given the all clear. Fans similarly rushed onto the field after the game, afraid to face the horrors taking place outside.

Top players from around the world took to social media to express their condolence to Paris and the French people.

In a show of strength, the planned international friendly games of today were set to occur.

The Germans were to host the Netherlands at the Hannover Stadium until information reached officials that another attack was to take place at that match. It is rumored that a briefcase was found full of explosives, as well as a bomb being disguised in an aid vehicle outside the stadium. Another one of the many reasons the game was shut down was German Chancellor Angela Merkel was to be in attendance.

Now, to address why this attack is against the entire world. I feel strongly for this since I am a German-American, and this systematic targeting may show a larger theme at play.

The Germans are the World Champions of the “world’s game”. Not only is Germany the soccer power of the world, but also it is one of the elite economic powers in the world, arguably being the most important economic power in Europe.

The World Champion soccer team happens to also be a symbol of unity and diversity. Multiple countries of origin, skin colors, and religious beliefs are represented in the squad.

Superstar Mesut Özil is a passionate Muslim with Tuskish routes. Toni Kroos was born in what was formerly East Germany. Jérôme Boateng is an Afro-German, having a Ghanian father. Thomas Müller, born and raised in Bayern, represents the German Bavarian culture. Karin Bellerabi is of Morrocan origin, Sami Khedira has Tunisian ancestry. Multiple major religions are apart of the team’s faith.

What makes this team most special is how their soccer skill and diversity unites this country and world.

This leads me to believe that this is why they have currently been victim to constant abuse. They stand not only as a soccer team, but the pinnacle of success and image of world unity.