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PaleyFest 2015: ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’

"The Flash" / Courtesy the CW

The Paley Center for Media in Hollywood, California hosted a variety of panels for popular television shows in their annual PaleyFest TV festival. The hit television shows put on panels for fans in attendance and worldwide via live streaming. I attended the panel’s for “The Flash” and “Arrow”.

The CW Network has created a gigantic following for their smash-hit shows based off the characters from DC Comics. “Arrow” first debuted three seasons ago, chronicling the story of the DC Green Arrow character in a modern and dark adaptation which became a mega-hit. Mid-way through season two of the chronicles of the billionaire vigilante, Oliver Queen, the writing team introduced the character Barry Allen, a forensic scientist, as a guest star. His appearance was so well received, that the CW Network awarded Barry Allen, also known as the Flash, his own series.

Since The Flash debuted in 2014, it has surpassed Arrow in ratings, and has become the CW Network’s most popular show, with Arrow following in second place. With a large following of these two shows, the CW Network has done its best job to interact with, and please their fans.

The lead actors from both shows along with their respective creative teams took to the stage for a panel. Questions were asked by a moderator, as well as being asked by fans in the audience, and fans who submitted questions on the Paley smartphone app.

I attended the event at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, with my friend Georges. He is a Notre Dame student and passionate fan of the shows as well. We had an amazing time getting to see our favorite entertainers live, and their candid responses to questions about our favorite shows. They were incredibly humorous.

On top of hearing from the teams behind the two shows, we also got to see exclusive previews for the remaining episodes of the seasons.

Notre Dame has outstanding television production classes. They are available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. In the classes, students are taught the ins-and-outs of television production, and the industry. On top of creating and producing projects, the classes participate in film critique, and the class goes on many amazing field trips to media and television studios. It is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Television production teacher, Elisia Harkins-James, organizes for other industry professionals to come to give panels at Notre Dame High School as a part of the curriculum. This unique and special act, has inspired me, and other students to be passionate about the industry, and enjoy conversing with the people behind the productions.

In the above video, I document a piece of the PaleyFest experience. Make sure to watch it, and if you enjoy the piece, or simply want to discuss “The Flash” or “Arrow”, let me know on Twitter.

-Tommy Muhl

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