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Oak Park High School

Opinion: A man actually walked on the moon

Short answer, yes. After all these years, expeditions to space and major scientific discoveries, I can say with absolute certainty that man has walked on the moon.

But to me, the real question is if it was done when we claim it was?

Two weeks ago, I would have said, “Obviously! Of course we have walked on the moon! Do you really think that the United States could pull off such an elaborate lie for no reason? Anybody who says it’s even possible that we didn’t walk on the moon is totally ignorant!”

Then, last week, I did some research and watched a short documentary about the controversy, just to see what the other side was talking about.

Throughout my research, I saw many very interesting facts and events that, put together, form a strong argument that the United States lied about going to the moon in 1969.

For instance, the United States was in the middle of the Cold War with the Soviet Union, the first nation to successfully send people to outer space, and we didn’t want to let them ‘beat us,’ in the race to the moon. The motive seemed simple enough.

Next, with all of Hollywood’s technology, green screens, computers and video editing, I guess it is possible (yet improbable), that this could have occurred. Finally, there was a good amount of evidence — circumstantial, of course, yet very convincing — such as the footage of a flag waving on the moon, even though there is no wind in space to make it move.

Overall, the explanations that I came across in my research seemed simple enough, and, to tell you the truth, I’m still not sure I believe in this conspiracy. However, I do know that this documentary changed the way I see things.

I had such blind faith that the moon landing in ‘69 happened that I honestly believed that people who doubted its truth were totally ignorant. I now see that I could not have been more wrong.

It was really me who was being ignorant, making an assumption with no research to back it. I had no right to make such claims, especially judgments about people with different perspectives, without knowing all the facts and seeing both sides.

This really made me think, and led me to the worst realization of them all: it’s not just me making these assumptions.

In today’s day and age, with so many different studies and people making such different claims, it is difficult to make informed decisions. With so much controversy surrounding every topic, even those who research before coming to any conclusions can often be wrong.

However, it is integral that we do try to separate fact from fiction. Put yourself in another’s shoes, try to see why they have the views that they do. Analyze multiple studies with potentially different conclusions, and talk to different people (respectfully) to try to see the full picture and help educate one another.

With so many people finding “fake news,” and losing faith in each other and the press, it is essential that we think before we speak, and even more important that we Google before we can begin to believe.