A police officer comforts a mourner at a memorial outside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.(Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)


Opinion: Views on gun regulations in the US

The US must implement gun control legislation in order to create a safer tomorrow for future generations.
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Aarnav Gandhi

October 21, 2022

Since 2013, there have been at least 961 incidents related to gun violence in schools resulting in 322 deaths and 658 injuries nationwide, according to Everytown Research. 2021 became the year with the most incidents relating to gun violence in schools and 2022 following closely behind in deaths.

Let that information sink in about our country.

Take a moment to fathom the reality of those parents who had to deal with an extensive amount of trauma and agony from those experiences. Completing your daily tasks and assignments at work just to discover there was a school shooter at your child’s school. The anxiety and stress insinuating through your body as you hopelessly rush towards their school on the highway with frantic memories of your child slipping away. 

In May 2022, at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, there was another devastating school shooting that led to 21 innocent lives being lost. Incidents as dreadful and horrific as this should be eye-opening enough to educate the public on the dire necessity of regulations on an entity that has the ability to take away someone’s life immediately. Some of these children weren’t even given a chance to relish more than ten years on our wonderful planet before their life was cynically snatched away from them.

Trends and statistics should be enough to prove to our country the dreadful implications of not implementing effective gun control. However, the majority of our country fails to recognize how we are poisoning the future generations of our country from within. The second amendment, which allows citizens the right to bear arms, has been a part of our Consitution since its birth in 1791, as it was documented by our founding fathers. Nevertheless, they implemented a method to amend the Constitution in the future in order to allow the government to make modifications if necessary.

The United States has to recognize overall that citizens should only be allowed to have a handgun for personal defense against intruders at most. The presence of an assault rifle alone can influence children to make foolish decisions that are destined to cause their entire community grief and remorse. We as an entire country have to unite and stand up for the future of our nation by taking the reigns of the direction we are leaning towards with assertion. 

The outcomes of imposing gun regulations can also be observed in other nations such as the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and Germany, which all have perceived a decrease in overall firearm crimes after the regulations. The US can slowly trudge to a safer place for our future youth by initially implementing gun laws that regulate the use, type and number of firearms that a citizen can own. Recognizing our goals is the first step to success.