(Photo courtesy of Mosaic MSC)
Oaks Christian High School

Review: L.A. Church’s music group Mosaic MSC writes original songs

Mosaic is a church that originated in the city of Los Angeles. According to their website, Mosaic has been named one of America’s ‘most influential churches. They reach a community of believers all throughout the world: Hollywood, Venice, Orange County, South Pasadena, Seattle, Mexico City, and Ecuador.

The founder, Eric McManus, is a gifted speaker, who cherishes life and welcomes all who are interested. Through Youtube Live Video sand Podcasts, Mosaic not only shares their story globally, but also remarkably. Their music group is named Mosaic MSC, which has quite profound a profound impact as it is one of the few religious institutions that generate their own music.

On May 15, they released their new album “HUMAN.” Their songs reach the minds of the youth, especially because the music is upbeat like many popular tunes. Out of all of their original pieces, one poignantly stands out.

“Everlasting Light” by Mosaic MSC begins with a beautiful metaphor about faith being the “horizon” and the “bright.” The chorus then sings poetic lyrics about the “everlasting light” and “evidence of things unseen.” My favorite line in the song is “even the darkest days are temporary, you are the everlasting light.” Mosaic examines the temporal state of the world, which is comforting during the current pandemic climate. Through this original song, Mosaic MSC unites the listens into a cohesive group, a group that is tied by the originality of the song.

Mosaic MSC’s YouTube Channel has amassed more than 72,000 subscribers, with subscribers ranging worldwide. Using creative content and professional video concerts, they have maintained a steady presence on social media. This is present in multiple media coverages about their songwriting.

Mosaic MSC’s musical influences range from gospel to contemporary Christian music along with lyrics expressing how people experience God, the group’s singer Mariah McManus told American Songwriter.

The group’s flow and tone is so different from others, which makes them a staple place and spot for tourists and regular attendees among Los Angeles. The musicians are thankful and blessed with the opportunity to generate original songs and create a personal connection to the people they share it with. Their vivacious, yet meditative music contrasts with that of the normal, slow-paced worship songs. They anticipate growth throughout many platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes.

Having attended this church since last year, I personally recommend the music, especially with their online presence right now. Their weekend gatherings currently take place on Saturdays 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. PDT and Sundays every two hours from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. PDT. With services ranging from future hope to anxiety, there is surely something that can resonate with those who want to listen.