(NBC / The Good Place)
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Review: NBC’s ‘The Good Place’ is worth the watch

Ever wondered what the afterlife is like? What are the standards for good or bad? The NBC show “The Good Place gives one a philosophical approach to how we interpret the afterlife, the result of good or bad actions, and revealing the moral dilemma humans face.   

The show contains a look into the afterlife, where a woman named Elenor Shellstrop is both relieved and surprised that she was placed in “The Good Place.” 

However, it does not take long for Eleanor to realize she is there by mistake. Her seemingly perfect neighbors in the Good Place, Tahani, Jason, and open-hearted soul mate, Chidi, help her realize that it is never too late to change and that she can belong in The Good Place if she strives to be ethically good.  With the help of her friends and some enemies, she becomes determined to abandon her own way of life in hopes of finding a new purpose in the afterlife.

Eleanor and her friends realize that they  have been placed in “The Bad Place,” being tortured and tricked into thinking they were living in heaven. They were living through a simulation that would test their behaviors and interactions.

After many reboots, the coordinator of the simulation, Michael, gives up and tries to find ways to help the group. Micheal is far from human, as he tries to show his evil intentions through devious methods. The show depicts the ways individuals change and adapt to feelings, as Micheal starts to become more human and emotionally connected to the humans. 

This show expresses worldview beliefs that makes one ponder about the afterlife and moral values. One belief is that every human is innately bad and cannot save themselves from being punished in the afterlife as a result of their bad actions on earth. It expresses the belief that no matter how much humans try to change themselves to be good people, they will always end up falling short, thus making them unworthy of being part of the real “Good Place.” It does imply that humans are sinful and corrupt in the world, so they need a force or higher figure to save them and remain fulfilled. 

I believe these expressed beliefs to be true to an extent. I do agree that humans are naturally inclined to make mistakes. The Good Place has reinforced that humans must seek another force or figure for them to live a prosperous life of peace in the afterlife. I agree with this because I know that after all of the faulty actions of humans, there is no way someone can redeem and save themselves from their actions. I do agree with the show that everyone is given a second chance to learn to be good. However, I disagree that being good is not the only thing that will save humanity from “The Bad Place.” The show expresses that being good and noticing the virtues of being an ethical person will help you achieve peace in “The Good Place.” 

All in all, this show is indubitably insightful, thought provoking, and even comedic for others to consider on their Netflix list. It gives others a way to think about the philosophical sides of life, revealing interesting viewpoints about man’s epistemology, teleology, and soteriology. It creates a poignant worldview to question society’s actions. I encourage individuals to consider this show, as it will make you laugh, think deeply about our telos on earth, and relax in the meantime while we ultimately try to make the world “The Better Place.”