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DUBLAB is a non-profit, online radio station located on Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles. It was founded by Mark McNeil in 1999. The station’s mission is to help grow music, arts, and culture by giving a platform to otherwise overlooked artists and genres.

The content on dublab’s airwaves varies from psychedelic meditation sessions to unheard techno from old vinyls.

Alejandro Cohen, the station’s director, says that the freedom of the internet has allowed dublab to develop programming for niche genres. Cohen is especially proud of dublab’s role in providing a platform for more obscure and mysterious forms of auditory art.

Some of the more obscure content the station broadcasts includes a meditation session performed by an “interdimensional intergalactical immortal pop star and meditational healer” named Diva. The station also specializes in airing foreign music and virtually anything else that you would never find on commercial radio.

Fast forward 18 years from its inception, dublab has moved into FM radio as they were recently approved to broadcast on 99.1 FM in the Los Angeles area.

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