Ontario High School

My message: Lower the costs of higher education

Dear future president,

There are many fixes to be made in America, and one of them is the cost of college. I am currently a student in high school, and I have always feared that I wouldn’t be able to afford the costs of college.

This is frightening because in today, every and any at-least decent jobs require a college degree or some form of college education. There is so much pressure to go to college that students are taking out loans and are in debt after college. This is a major problem. My generation is going broke before we’ve even begun our lives.

I personally have so many plans for the future, such as being a freelance author, filming and editing great videos and just making my voice heard in this world. To make this a reality, though, I will need some further education. But when it comes to college I am terrified of having to take out loans and later going broke. It is such a scary thought, that as a junior in high school, I have not even begun to look at colleges, because I do not think that I can afford to attend.

My future president, I ask that you please look into lowering the cost of education, so that anyone can attend, and my generation won’t be in debt.


Ariana Yarnell

Ontario High School

Ontario, Calif.