Ontario High School

The last dance

This profile piece is inspired by Brady Dennis’s 300 word profiles.

Inside her room lay pictures of high school memories of all the performances, and all of the sisters and brothers she has made.

She stares at the mirror, preparing herself to make one last memory. To catch one last rifle and to spin her last flag. To hear her last applause after tossing her last solo toss. To project the story of her show one last time, and to share the floor with her captain, who is also her best friend.

Although she hates her coaches’ yelling, she admits she will  miss them when she is gone. She will miss all the late night rehearsals and memorizing all of her drill.

That morning, she realized that with prom that same night, her senior year was ending, along with making memories with her color guard family.

She prepares to leave while setting her gold dress to prepare for her senior prom in the evening. Her dress is so bright and shimmering, but it does not compare to her bright smile when she sees her boyfriend, who happens to be fighting aplastic anemia. She fears leaving  him and not being there with him through his sickness, not knowing if he could get worse.

After an amazing performance, she brings the same attitude toward prom. Romance and dancing with the jazz band slowly turned into an argument. When her night took an unexpected turn.

She plans to go eight hours and three minutes away to California State University Chico. Away from her family and friends.

She feels gloomy about the distance she will be from her mom, she always gave her the support she needed. She fears leaving her best friend to deal with family issues and not being able to give her support.

Viridiana Reyes is now on the path of starting her future.