Sophomore Yesenia Preciado scored 196 goals this season to break the CIF record. (Image courtesy of Keven Michel)
Ontario High School

Yesenia Preciado breaks CIF record

Most athletes prove their athletic ability with minor success such as being the game M.V.P or scoring the winning goal.

However, sophomore Yesenia “Chen” Preciado is breaking not only school records, but racing towards the record of the most goals scored in a single season for girls water polo CIF-SS.

Preciado has led her team to a dominant and successful season. Her contribution alone sets in a giant 190 goals scored and counting. She is only five goals away from tying Stephanie Contreras, record from Los Altos and just six goals away from breaking it.

Yesenia warms up before round one of CIF. She now holds the record of single season goals, 196.
Yesenia warms up before round one of CIF. She now holds the record of single season goals, 196. (Image courtesy of Keven Michel)

Assistant coach Luis Serrano explains Preciado’s spectacular athleticism, “It makes [us] feel great. Second year player here and only a sophomore, she’s not only destroying school records, but CIF too.”

Serrano also recognizes his team for not only being a huge benefit for Preciado, but for their season success. “It is the new girls that have stepped up, I mean we have three varsity water polo girls that have never swam or played polo in their lives, and they are kinda running the show when Chen [is not] available.”

An offensive player like Preciado also needs a great defense to help her push forward. Serrano explained the efforts each player has made to give Preciado the ball when she has the chance or to step up when she is being double team.

“It looks good on the program,” continued Serrano referring to Preciado’s stats, “being able to make it so she has the opportunity to score those goals with the offense being able to move everything around and [our] defense getting the stops we need.”

Preciado attributes her successful season to her future goals. “Division 1 colleges are my motivation. I want to be a division 1 player like my sister, Melina, who plays [softball] at the University of Mississippi.”

Actually, Preciado comes from a family of athletes. Both her sisters went on after high school to play softball in college.

“My mindset is just for the whole team to be good, as a team, to play as a team, because it is a team game, not just a one person effort.”

As the season started, Preciado became a leader and the backbone for the team.

“I am a sophomore and I need to show people who I am and what I do and what I love to do, that’s what motivates me including my family,” declares Preciado.

This is most certainly going to be the beginning of a fantastic career as a record-breaking athlete.