Orange County School of the Arts

A wondrous Winter Wonderland at OCSA!

On Dec. 19, the Orange County School of the Arts hosted Winter Wonderland, a celebration of the holiday season.

OCSA’s Friday lunch times are usually filled with music and laughter, but Winter Wonderland is unique in a way it celebrates the holiday season and upcoming break. Winter Wonderland is an OCSA tradition that takes place on the last day before winter break.

Winter Wonderland 2015 was a huge success, involving various locations and stations that gave OCSA students a taste of wintery joy. Tenth street, a popular lunch spot, was filled with music from a DJ on the steps of Symphony Hall. Students danced along to holiday hits. Some students enjoyed the free hot chocolate distributed on tenth street. Students labored for hours on decorations, which included handmade snowflake garlands, colorfully decorated trees, a painted mural background, and bright presents. Many students loved the snowmen made from boxes.

seccurity gaurd santa
An OCSA Security Guard who got into the spirit. Photo credit to Tram Dang.

Annie Saunders and Maddie Moore were the main organizers of this event. “When we were planning Winter Wonderland, we really wanted to make an event that exemplified holiday cheer and the OCSA spirit that would be a fun way to send off the students to break. Throughout planning, we tried to start as early as possible so we could be ahead of the game on any unexpected problems that might have occurred and this really paid off on the day of because we were well communicated and could solve problems that came up,” both said.

Unique to this year’s Winter Wonderland was a “selfie booth” at the Dance, Music, and Science (DMS) Center plaza. The DMS is OCSA’s new building, and many students enjoy the shade of this plaza.

selfie booth
The Selfie Booth. Photo credit to Tram Dang.

Truly, Winter Wonderland was an amazing opportunity for OCSA students to relax and get in the holiday spirit.