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Anthony Mackie on a star-struck Falcon and an Avengers sitcom

The Marvel franchise is filled with a top-notch cast, three-dimensional characters, moral conflict, and of course, caped and bare-shouldered crusaders saving the world from the forces of evil. But even as humanity is consistently threatened with big buildings blowing up and an army of aliens attacking, one notable facet of Marvel is the relatable guys—your average Joe reacting like a normal human being when confronted with heroes and villains.

Credits to Tumblr
Coulson fangirling over Captain America. Credits to Tumblr.
Coulson fangirling over Captain America. Credits to Tumblr.

Anthony Mackie who plays Falcon in the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War” explained that Sam Wilson is no different. Besides his wings, Sam is the run-of-the-mill veteran until he meets Captain America—and is now poised to become an Avenger (see: “Age of Ultron”). In the few minutes I had with Mackie, I had to ask: catching a glimpse of all the Avengers in AOU, who would Sam Wilson be most star struck by?

“Great question. I would say the Hulk,” said Mackie. “Seeing Ruffalo as a regular guy and then seeing him transform into the Hulk—that’s huge. I think the Hulk is the one that really makes him freak out every time he sees him. Just all over—‘Oh my God, I wish I could hang out with you, you’re the man!’ Maybe we could be best friends.”

Credits to Marvel
Credits to Marvel

Mackie put his finger on exactly what the world—especially Tumblr—needs: footage of the Avengers hanging out like regular human beings. As much as I tried to explain to Mackie that the fandom would die for a movie of the Avengers going about their daily lives, he didn’t quite understand the attraction of an Avengers sitcom. However, we did hit on another magical idea.

“I don’t think there should be a movie—I don’t think there should be two hours of Hawkeye at Starbucks. I don’t want to see that,” laughed Mackie. “But if you did little Internet three-minute clips, like the Hulk trying to order at a fast food restaurant, you know what I mean? ‘Hi, welcome to McDonald’s, how can I help you?’ ‘Argharghraghrah.’ ‘What?’ ‘Rawr!’ That type of thing would be really fun! But two hours of that? I’d lose my mind.”

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Text: [Clint Barton shows up to shield 15 minutes late with a starbucks / “what do you mean shields gone”] Credits to Tumblr
I told him we just started something special and Marvel should get on it immediately.

“I’ll tell them. I talked to Sebastian about it yesterday,” said Mackie.

Fingers crossed that we are one step closer to getting the movie of our dreams—but for now, we’re settling for Captain America: Civil War, which hits theaters on May 6. Choose your side. #TeamCap