Orange County School of the Arts

Argyros Family Science Center

This week, the Orange County School of the Arts Foundation announced that they will contribute $1.5 million toward the new OCSA building campaign, Masterpiece in the Making.

The Argyros family is renowned for philanthropy. They’ve donated money toward academic pursuits, like the Chapman University Argyros School of Business and Economics and the science center at Sage Hill High School. The Argyros family also esteems the arts, which is clear in their donation to South Coast Reparatory as well as contributions to arts education in the town of Adrian, Michigan. George Argyos is estimated to have a net worth of $2.1 Billion, made from investments and real estate.

The Argyros Family

The Argyros Science Center is part of the Masterpiece in the Making plan, which is a 60,000 square foot music, dance, and science center. The Argyros Science Center will have eight technology-equipped 1,000-square-foot science labs. Doors will be opened on August 16 in a ceremony that will include many OCSA students.

Sample images of the new building. Images by the OCSA Foundation.s

The new expansion certainly lacks unanimous student support. Many OCSA students are critical of the new building because they feel that the $20 million spent on this structure would be better spent on teachers’ salaries, or improving the often unsanitary and unusable bathrooms in older OCSA buildings.