Bored over summer break? Here are some ideas

You might be excited for free time during summer, but chances are, in the middle of summer vacation, you will be pretty bored. In the words of the ever-wise Disney show “Phineas and Ferb:” “The annual problem of our generation is finding a good way to spend it!” So here are some ideas if you are feeling bored this summer.

1. Sleep–Do I need to offer an explanation?

2. Get ready for next year–Probably not the most fun, but reviewing some information of the classes you’ll be taking or making sure your summer assignments are in tip-top shape will pay off in the school year.

3. Research colleges–Both terrifying and fun. You can explore majors and start getting some ideas about places to apply, and hopefully attend.

4. Play with your pets–furry and lovely, and both of you will really enjoy it.

5. Volunteer–This is fun, rewarding, and will help you get ahead in the college application process. Visit for some ideas.

6. Netflix–Okay, maybe this won’t look as impressive on college apps. But what better time?

7. Netflix–It’s twice on this list because there’s different ways to do it. You can Netflix-binge from an artistic perspective, and take in the writing and cinematography of great TV shows and movies. I’m still feeling withdrawals from “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad.”

8. Write–Poetry. Short stories. Biographies. A novel. A series. Screenplays. Journals.

9. Draw–You may think that you have no artistic talent, but practice makes better. Try and break an image down, then take it slowly and step-by-step. It’s relaxing and fun, and can sometimes yield a beautiful product.

10.Design–Is there a movie you wish existed? Magazine covers you think would be perfect? Or a dress that would be flawless? You can do it, with some PhotoShop or GoogleDraw, or even just a simple sketchpad.

11. Start your college essays–Those cryptic essay prompts take time. So get started.

12. Make music–You can pick up a new instrument, from bagpipes to guitar to banjo. And you can always try writing those angsty-teenage lyrics.

13. Listen to music–Find a new artist, or enjoy an old favorite.

14. Make money at home–Lemonade stand. Cookies. Babysitting. A job.

15. Become a YouTuber–It’s fun to edit and make your own videos about anything you want! And who knows? You could even become a paid vlogger or get a sponsorship.

16. Take care of kids– Have fun babysitting for family or friends. You’ll get  jokes, smiles, fulfillment, and maybe even some money!

17. Help your family–Clean the house, cook dinner, just help out.

18. Cook–You can cook better things than a peanut butter sandwich. Get a cookbook, some time, and experiment.

19. Make an insane goal–Run a marathon. Try every restaurant within a 15-mile radius. Write a new poem every day. Transform into a cat. I don’t know.

20. Help your neighbors–Who doesn’t enjoy a helping hand, whether it be cooking, cleaning, or redecoration?

21. Redecorate your room–And you can do it on the cheap with second-hand shops, Etsy, or IKEA. Buzzfeed DIY has some great ideas. (

22. Travel–According to Mark Twain, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

23. Road trip– a cheaper and easier form of traveling. And there are amazing things in our state within a pretty drivable distance. So get a good playlist, grab some friends or family, and fill the tank.

24. Plan a trip– even if you don’t go on it, this is fun and can give you ideas about future vacations. Hey, and it’s good to have practice organizing, budgeting, and scheduling.

25. Reconnect with old friends–Send a postcard, make a call, write a nice message.

26. Learn a new skill–From knitting to guitar to upside-down ping pong hockey, you can do it! There’s a YouTube tutorial on it somewhere.

27. Workout–Get swole while you have the time to. YouTube has training videos for whatever your goals are.

28. Start a blog–Blogging takes time, which you’ll have during the summer. Write about your passion, whether it be fashion, gaming or goats.

29. Make a movie–You might be surprised how accessible the technology is. So get some friends together, write a script, then win an Oscar.

30. Go to a summer camp–There’s probably a camp for everyone. Visit for some information.

31. Raise money–May as well save the world this summer! Organize a bake sale, a fundraiser, or whatever else for something you feel passionate about.

32. Go to an art museum–Repeat after me: art isn’t painful. If you don’t want to make the drive to see the spectacularly amazing LACMA or Getty, there’s probably something closer.

33. Be a counselor at a summer camp–Though your fantasy might not be teaching little kids arts and crafts, this can be rewarding and fun.

34. Take in and enjoy the boredom–Put simply, relax.

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