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Career spotlight: Gloria Hillard

Gloria Hillard is an award-winning journalist, correspondent, and above all else, storyteller. In her career as a writer, she’s worked for outlets like National Public Radio, The Los Angeles Times, CNN and NBC, garnering awards for her truthful and heartfelt reporting.

I was lucky enough to sit down with Ms. Hillard and discuss her journalism path as well as her opinions about the field.

When asked about her favorite and least favorite parts of her job, Hillard had clear answers. She said the favorite parts of her job were the “different worlds” journalists get to explore. However, Hillard mentioned the difficulties of extreme deadlines, which are especially present when working on breaking news stories.

I also asked about the changing field of journalism. Hillard pointed out the controversy of whether bloggers are journalists. Now, there are many more outlets for news—some more reliable than others. Hillard also discussed how most journalists are freelance.

Hillard explained her career path, explaining how that even though she didn’t earn a formal journalism degree, she started working for NBC, growing her passion for storytelling. With that, she became a journalist. Hillard to get a job at a small newspaper, and then won multiple awards. She worked as a CNN correspondent for 15 years, and then moved to her current job at NPR, with shows like “All Things Considered”, “All Things Considered, Morning Edition” and “Weekend Edition”.


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