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Career Spotlight: James Lee, Social Media director

Being a social media manager isn’t all fun and hashtags: it’s a lot of work.

The typical day of a social media manager is full with writing, editing, and keeping up with the news, as well as responding to customers and creating content.

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James Lee is in the center of all of it. He’s the president and founder of the Lee Strategy Group, Inc. Since 1999, Mr. Lee has started and managed the social media of campaign communication. He’s had customers from politicians to big companies in areas like apparel, biotechnology, and entertainment.

Lee graduated from the University of Southern California, and then worked as press secretary for California Governor Pete Wilson, the California branch of the Bush/Quayle presidential Campaign, the California Environmental Protection Agency communications director, and then transferred to the private sector as west coast director of Burson-Marsteller.

Lee became dissatisfied with his treatment at Burson-Marsteller, and branched out to his current position, as president and founder of the Lee Strategy Group, Inc. However, Lee discussed the stress and worry that comes with the autonomy of running a business.

When asked about his favorite and least favorite parts of the job, Lee replied jovially. His favorite part was “getting paid,” his least favorite part was when “people don’t pay me.” On a more serious note, Mr. Lee noted that being so involved in the social media industry left him more aware. Lee noted this awareness was not just of current events, but also of sad news.

Because Lee has had so much experience in the political realm, I asked him if he saw any frontrunners in current candidates for presidents. Though Lee noted that changes will occur as nominations grow closer, he explained in-depth how most candidate accounts are run by the parties. Lee noted that social media is currently invigorating the base, but not expanding the base.

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