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End-of-the-year gifts for teachers

It’s the end of the year!

And though there may be teachers who you’re eager to leave, some teachers deserve extra thanks. But maybe you aren’t ready to spend money on a gift they won’t care about. So here are some great ideas for teacher gifts!

  1. Quote posters. Does your teacher have a signature phrase? Perhaps it’s a resounding “Make good life choices!” or “Buenos Dias!” Create a unique poster that helps celebrate what you love about a teacher.
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  1. Video

Though labor intensive, this is a great way to show a teacher how much you care about them. Gather some friends and classmates, and sit them in front of a camera as they explain why they love the teacher. Edit the clips together with some music and photos, and you’ll have a great video to give your teacher.


  1. Card

A handwritten card is always a good idea. By putting down your words about how much a teacher has influenced you, you’re sure to make something that they’ll treasure forever.

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  1. Baked goods

Do you have a delicious family recipe or a treat you love to share? Everybody likes food, and this is a great way to make sure you show teachers how much you care.

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  1. Photo collage

If a teacher has been an outside advisor for a club or group, you probably have a many photos of your club in action. To thank the teacher for their work, make a photo collage so they can see what their work has contributed to!

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  1. A punny gift

Who doesn’t like puns? Whether it’s a set of office supplies or a zany science gift, this is a great way to thank a teacher with a laugh.

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  1. A class card

As opposed to a personal card, a card signed by many students is a great way to show the teacher how many students care about them.

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