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Urth Caffé in Pasadena

Situated on the first floor of a high-ceiling building, it can get crowded inside Pasadena’s Urth Caffé. Past the Spanish-style arch of the entrance are geometrically tiled ceilings with a chandelier, giving a historic, California feel. Walk in and you’ll see floor-to-ceiling windows and the cafe practically bathes itself in sunlight.

During the Caffé’s rush hour, lines can get long, but with good reason. Let me tell you, I love cafes. They provide a momentary escape from dull day-to-day life with good food, coffee, and the artsy environment. Urth Caffé does exactly that with its delectable menu ranging from sandwiches to pizza to cake to boba.

Here are some of the items on the menu I found to my liking:

Sunrise Pizza with Poached Egg. The perfectly melted cheese plus the assorted toppings really did make for a pizza that is hard to find anywhere else. The crust had a garlic-oil-like taste. Not only did the pizza taste delicious but also it was so aesthetically pleasing, with the curled bacon and the sauces platter.

Spanish Latte. With the perfect amount of cream and coffee, the Spanish Latte warms the soul. It doesn’t cool down too fast and stays piping hot. Just look at that lovely foam art design!

Chicken Quesadilla. I am admittedly a quesadilla lover, and this quesadilla tops my list. The tortilla is neither too crusty nor flimsy. The cheese is absolutely delicious and when topped with the chopped tomatoes, Urth’s quesadilla is hard to beat.

I wouldn’t recommend Urth as a study cafe, as there is no Wi-Fi. However, with the price range of “$$” on Yelp, this cafe is suitable for a nice lunch with friends on the weekend. Though it may get crowded, for some reason, the busy ambience suites Urth just fine.

Other locations include West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Downtown Los Angeles.

Urth Caffé
594 E Colorado Blvd,
Pasadena, CA 91101
If you only have $10 get: Spanish Latte, or any sandwich
Cassandra Hsiao

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