(Photo by Samuel Victoria)
Orange County School of the Arts

Live Review: Bad Suns’ creates a new chapter with their Mystic Truth Tour

Strobe lights, masterful harmonies and sweaty bodies filled up the Santa Ana concert venue the Observatory on May 10 as Bad Suns played their sold-out show. Years ago, the band had played the smaller room of the two at the venue — the Constellation Room — which was their first sold-out show in Orange County.

Now they’ve returned to play a show that is much bigger and more spectacular. With the majority of the band being from the close city of Los Angeles, and them being on their fifth year of playing shows in Orange County, Californians are no foreigners to the indie-pop band.

The opener, Carlie Hanson, got the nights’ energy high as everyone patiently waited for the band to get on stage. With a Billie Eilish-like vibe, the 18-year-olds’ music was much different from that of Bad Suns. However, her upbeat songs and strong personality gave audience members a taste of what was going to be a fun night.

With now having released three albums, touring with artists like COIN and Halsey and playing popular music festivals like Bonnaroo and High and Low Fest, Bad Suns have developed a large and strong fanbase. Everyone was off their feet and adrenaline ran throughout the concert space from the very beginning of the night, all the way to the end. 

(Photo by Samuel Victoria)

From the moment they got on stage, they claimed the room as theirs. Christo Bowman, the lead singer of the band, made use of the walkway behind the barricade so he could interact and get close to his audience. He even made a lap around the venue space, using the wall-like railings that separate each section as a path.

The rest of the band made use of the stage, setting themselves very close to their audience. They had a way of establishing Santa Ana as their home. Even in a packed venue, the band was able to bring the audience into the music, making it feel like an intimate performance.

(Photo by Samuel Victoria)

They didn’t spend much time talking to their audience, which gave them the ability to jam 20 songs onto their setlist. Each one seemed carefully chosen, creating a set that represented their discography. By playing their most popular songs, such as “Cardiac Arrest and “Daft Pretty Boys”, everyone had something to dance and sing-a-long to.

They treated their diehard fans with beloved, yet more unknown, songs –– such as their 2017 single “There Was a Home Once.” Both old and new fans, however, were most excited to hear songs off of their newest album “Mystic Truth.” And they did not disappoint, giving their fans something new and making this tour unlike any of their others.

With their high energy, incredible stage presence and phenomenal songs, Bad Suns dedicated the night to their music. The Mystic Truth Tour not only serves as a way for them to share the beauty of their new album but also to create an environment that is enjoyable for everyone.

They gifted their audience with a show that celebrates their years of making music, while also showcasing a new chapter for the band. Mystic Truth allowed Bad Suns to tell a new story, and their memorable show brings that story to life.