Orange County School of the Arts

Meet breakout creative Madyson Park

Creativity can be found in many different forms, and starting from a young age, artists begin expressing their creativity in ways that reflect their personalities and beliefs. Madyson Park, a 17-year-old creative writer from the Orange County School of the Arts, located in Santa Ana, began writing when she was in middle school through journaling, but never truly understood the power that writing holds until eighth grade. Journaling had taught Park how to express her creativity with paper and a pen, and eventually it fostered into something more. Accepted to the Orange County School of the Arts in 9th grade in the Creative Writing conservatory, Park’s passion for writing continued to grow.

Now, Park uses poetry to speak on behalf of politics, youth culture, and Asian-American rights. It is truly inspiring to see young women such as Park using their voices to educate others on important topics and perhaps inflict change. “You can really see Mady’s passion for writing and politics through her spoken word. When speaking, she carries herself with strength and confidence”, said Jackie Porter, friend of Parks.  As of recently, Park became a Get Lit player among 19 other talented students. “Get Lit is a non profit organization that works to increase teen literacy through spoken world”, Park states.

According to the Get Lit website, they are “the most watched poets on the internet.” As a Get Lit player, Park has been given the opportunity to participate in different events, and it has provided her with a group of other young, passionate poets to work alongside. “We travel to schools within the Los Angeles County and put on shows called ‘Blitz Shows’, where we perform poetry and encourage other students to be inspired by spoken word.”

Park’s poem “The Asian Poem,” was featured on the Button Poetry’s Twitter and YouTube channel, and has, as of January twenty sixth, received 16K views. Park also participated with the OCSA team in the Get Lit Classic Slam, and made it to the semi-finals. Park can be seen in action by visiting the Get Lit YouTube channel, which currently has over 48,000 subscribers.

Being able to string words together to correctly communicate our thoughts and ideas, and then piecing together each sentence in a way that places emphasis on the emotion behind the piece is a rare and powerful gift to have. It’s impact on people is tremendous. Park’s drive to use the power of poetry and move those around her is what makes her stand out in a crowd. “Get lit has really become my home, and poetry has helped me to spark personal growth within myself.”