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My question for Emma Watson at the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Press Junket

She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s everything a girl could ever want in a role model. Am I talking about Emma Watson or Belle? As it turns out, both.

It would be a lie to say that Disney Princesses didn’t change my life. I’ve always considered Belle and Mulan my biggest inspirations, everything I aspire to be. It was an honor to cover the “Beauty and the Beast” conference and have the chance to ask my hero Emma Watson, who plays Belle, a question.

And when she looks you in the eye and gives you heart-to-heart advice about college and uncertainty and the fear of not quite belonging, you listen with all your heart.

This one is for all my senior friends as we adventure in the great wide somewhere.



Beauty and the Beast conference. Courtesy of Andy Hsiao


Belle and the Beast’s costumes. Courtesy of Andy Hsiao